Sunday, 20 July 2014


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It was only a matter of time before the squiggly-ass 'tattoo' chokers came back in the past year(or three)'s '90s Revival' zeitgeist, along with denim err'thang, buffalo shoes, tie dye, etc etc etc.. Except the choker is seeming to become more of a necessity - and the recent 'loom bands' obsession isn't helping. Whether you're making them yourself or buying 'em in, there's no excuse! There's a choker out there for everyone - too many to make a teen girl's magazine flow chart quiz from. Yes, I did try - in the spirit of the ultimate era of childhood. Instead, here are some varying styles that come from the choker familia:

Plain and Simple 
Squiggly or ribbon, this one's ca-uute and easy to wear. I may have put 'plain' in the title, but this category is by no means limited to single, block colours/textures; You could go for a kawaii pale pink crushed velvet ribbon, rainbow squigglies, put some beads on there.. The possibilities are endless. My personal favourite is #4, the chunky holographic plastic strip above. V cyber.

Spikes. As long and sharp as you want. As dog collar-ish as you want. Not for the faint hearted, whether you're the wearer or the onlooker! I've seen some nice ones with little roses stuck onto them too, if you're looking for something with conflicting styles. I've actually used headbands with little spikes on them as chokers; Just tie the elastic part at the back in a loop to fit your neck.

#5 above is a perfect example of this style of choker, and is very much a statement piece. I lav. I also recently got quite a simple gold chain choker with  ribbon weaved through it (can you spot it below?!); It's a lot more 'cutesy' looking than #5, which just shows you how endless the possibilities are with this trend (...which I have invested far too much money in).

Add a pendant!
I feel like I'm running an ice cream parlour or something - 60c to add a topping of your choice! Anyway, some chokers come with pendants, but if not, Etsy is your best friend - I'm sure there are pendants of Obama on there, if that's what you're feeling. It's a nice way to change up the necklace, without doing much - crescent moons, pentagrams, yin-yangs, hamsas and suns are always good options. Or, pizza? #3 above has got it going on. 

Buy some ribbon, tie it around your neck. Done. Plait it, if you want to. Done.  Add the pendant we previously discussed. Done. Force your younger siblings to make you one from loom bands - or march into your local pound shop to get your own set of bands, unabashed. DONE. 

'Can't... breathe... Too many.... chokers.....' // 'U like chokers?! o honey..... (Mix of chokers from loom bands, Topshop, and Claire's! Too many to fit in shot, let alone on my neck.. I've got two spikeys lurking in the bottom corner of the right pic. Wanting more.)

Monday, 14 July 2014

The Family Jewels (Well, if you consider this shirt a jewel)

I think all girls love having a good root through their mother's (Or father's - I've done it before) clothes. It's a great way to find something unique, and it's FREE. Recently on my ventures into Mother Dearest's closet, I found this oriental-style shirt, along with a matching skirt: They're in mint condition as they had only been worn to a handful of events, and what's more, my mum was delighted that they might be worn again! That doesn't always happen - there can be some screaming, maybe some flying feathers... Needless to say I took the clothes without asking questions. I just used the shirt in this look, although I may feature the skirt another time.

What's so fantastic about the shirt is that it can be dressed up OR down; It's a nice little variation on the kimono trend going around these days when unbuttoned, and on days like today where I kept it closed up, (I like to think) I look like a samurai school girl or something.  The pleated skirt (Penneys) screams youth and school-vibes, while the sandals (TK Maxx) make the whole thing a little more modern and dressed up. Kawaii forever.

The obligatory Tumblr channelled snaps - This shirt's rather web-worthy, if I do say so myself!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Dressing Your Age: A Guide

I'm quite proud of myself right now: I've managed to not wear a silly t-shirt or a loud, patterned piece of  outwear in an outfit - which you, if you've been around for a while, will know is a vital part of what I like to call my 'clothing safety bubble'. As a big believer in contradicting more sophisticated clothing with less serious, kiddie-style pieces, this is a huge step! Here, I've managed to keep the more jokey notes to a minimum by just using cutesy accessories. Listen up out there, cooky dressers looking for a way out of the cycle! Equally, if you tend to go for more serious, modernist clothing all the time and want to add some fun to whatever you're wearing, this could be a great way to introduce some character.

Let's start from bottom to top, today: The sandals are from TK Maxx, and were an absolute steal. I would highly recommend trying out TK Maxx for swanky shoes, if River Island or Topshop are a little bit out of your budget - I've spotted Jeffrey Campbells, GUESS and Karl Lagerfeld shoes just lying on the bloody floor in there, and going for very little! Plus, it's unlikely anyone else will have the same shoes. The jeans are the most basic of Penney's skinny jeans, and since I got them, all other jeans in my wardrobe have been made fairly redundant! Black is the way forward, everyone. The string top I've got on is one of those things that you've got lying in a drawer somewhere for years, but never consider wearing on its todd. Everyone at home: Go through all of the clothes you/everyone in your house owns, you'll be very surprised at what you might find! Especially if you're a sucker for simple little items like string tops - They're big on the highstreet at the moment, but are going for extortionate prices for just a tiny piece of fabric. I don't think people realise how availible such items are to us, as long as we're looking in the right places. Finally, accessories: The choker is from Topshop, and if you're living in a town compact with trendy teenz like myself, you'll know that the place is currently crawling with them. (I'll talk about this more another time. Cough.) The sunnies are legitimate  kiddie glasses that caught my eye in Dealz (an Irish pound shop/dollar store) one day. I was buying heaps of loom bands at the time too - I wonder if the cashier knew I was buying it all for myself.. (More on sunglasses HERE!)

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Playlist: Dip Dye and Daisy Chains Music

Songs as Follow:
Young Wonder - Orange 
Odesza - Sun Models
Bath - Animals
Goldroom - Embrace
Purity Ring - Grandloves
Best Coast - When the Sun Don't Shine (Voyager Remix)

Something strange happens to me when the sun comes out - I start to understand the 'California Tumblr Girl' philosophy, awash with its galaxy print, penney boards and Nutella. I'm sure many people feel the same - you just wake up to the sun, craving some highlights.. Maybe even a tan?! (Kidding - most Irish people love a good tan, regardless of weather - unless you're a vampire like myself.) And with that new level of understanding comes a new tolerance for happy, rave-ish music, dripping in synths and swag. Here's some of my favourite tracks; Crystal Castles will have to sit this one out..

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Original-content tumblrs you should be following

It's great to come across a blog with similar theme/colour scheme/taste/anything similar to your own, that (re)blogs stuff that you can, in turn, reblog - But a tumblr that posts all of its own content? Sadly, that's very rare. So rare that when preparing to write this post, I struggled to find a third blog to write about - 'two tumblrs' seemed weird and too little; 'three tumblrs' sounded right. I never found the third tumblr, so I'm just doing two - that rare. So erm, here they are...?

Where I See Fashion is a tumblr that gets to the root of some of the most interesting fashion images by comparing them to paintings, landscapes, flowers, animals and more. The blog uncovers the inspiration of fashion designers, makeup artists, hairstylists and photographers, whilst also providing plenty of inspiration for the viewer. With high-res photos and some truly intriguing content, this tumblr is endless eye candy for anyone interested in fashion.

Natural Palettes is another very visually inspiring blog: It takes stunning photographs of nature and scenery, plucks the pretty colours out and slaps it on the side for good measure - but in a much nicer way than what I have described. It's perfect for any aspiring painters, makeup artists, colour appreciaters - anyone. Just take a look, appreciate the view. Urban Decay should take a look at this site to get ideas for a new eyeshadow palette or something - Who doesn't want an autumn forest smokey eye?!

Friday, 20 June 2014

My Marilyn Monroe Skirt

Today's outfit is another one of those outfits in which I experimented with fantasy/cutesy pieces and more sporty pieces. The end result is fun, modern and unique! The setting (a picnic in castle gardens, if you don't mind) was quite fitting, too.

The top (TK Maxx, you gem..) is relatively old, but I don't think I have ever blogged it before - it's still one of my favourite shirts. The skirt is from H&M, and it's been providing me with plenty of Marilyn Monroe moments, as pictured above. Footwear, however, is what I think brings the whole thing together: The platform converse and My Little Pony socks completely contrast to the girlish, delicate vibes in the skirt. The socks also inject a little colour into an otherwise very monochrome getup - just to add a little more contradiction. 

Thanks to Megan for pictures, once again!

Friday, 13 June 2014

RIP Cold Weather: A Tribute

If I'm completely honest, I wasn't really sure if there would be any point in posting this post during such a sweltering time of year. You'd want to be a living freezer to wear something like this out in the sun - otherwise, good luck! This outfit is a stockpiled outfit; hence the woolly hat (Penneys) and massive winter coat (Dunnes). Remember when it used to rain?

Anyway, the E.T. top is from Penneys, and so are the jeans, check shirt, hoodie.... everything except my Docs.

It's typical, really.. As soon as I suss out a decent grunge-tinged wardrobe that is still relevant to a particular season, it's not even that season anymore. Is there even any point on working on summer clothes? Eugh.